how beautiful is to have a person…….a person who asks about you if you are absent .who comes closer to you when you go farther .how beautiful is to have in life a person to be worried about you … love you to take care of you .to share joy and happiness……and beautiful to merge souls ….to become one heart one mind .to rejoice together … live sorrow together to endure the hardships together .how beautiful it is to have a thinks good of you .and to forgive you to give you an excuse when you cause harm how beautiful it is to remember you when you are gone .to defent you to cut the tongue of those who gossip about you .how beautiful it is to have a person to support you in times of weakness .to encourage you when you hesitate .to advise you when you beautiful is to have a person who holds your secret who honors the word who keeps promises truthful in this person love you realy…

if you have this person ****congratulations**** you have won.preserve this person like your treasures thank god for this gift.someone like this in our times is a lost treasures if found it should never be lost .

how beautiful it is to be human in this world.emoticone

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